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In the Byzantine Castle of Pothia

To the north-east of Chora of Kalymnos, there is the Byzantine castle. It was built in the 11th century AD and it was reconstructed in late15th century. It was the residential centre of the medieval Kalymnos, from where the settlement of Chora began its expansion. In this castle, there are ten churches in which there are wall paintings dating back to the 15th-16th century. In order to reach this place, you have to follow the uphill road that heads to the mountain starting from Pothia. The route can be quite difficult for those who are not used to walking, since the castle is located at the highest point of the mountain.

In the cave of Kefala

There are many caves in Kalymnos. However, the cave located in the area Kefala has the best access for the public. You can start by car from the monastery of Agia Ekaterini heading to the south-west and after 2km you will have to hike for 10 minutes, which is totally worth it, because the view of the cave is breathtaking. The narrow path that is either uphill or downhill constitutes a route with a total duration of 20 minutes that will bring you very close to the impressive stalagmites and stalactites. Certain parts of the cave are lightened creating an evocative atmosphere.

Palionisos/Paleonisos Beach

The bay of Palionisos is located near Vathis, on the east coast of Kalymnos. You can start from Pothia and head towards Palionisos. At a certain point, the asphalt stops and a gravel road begins including sharp turns and numerous pits in the wild beauty of mountains. After a while, the road is cut and you will have to abandon your vehicle. This is where a route begins that passes in parallel with the houses’ yards and at a certain point it even passes through them. After ten minutes, it ends to the beach. The one side of the beach is calm and there are a few docking fishing boats, while the other has pebbles, as well as shadow due to the trees that stand very close to the water.
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