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A large part of the trails network of Kythnos has remained unchanged. Hiking is a wonderful way for visitors to come in contact with the nature, culture, and the particular aesthetics of the island.  

Chora – Loutra – Castle of Oria

This trail starts at the northern side of Chora heading northwest. Follow it, as it turns northeast, after a while, and crosses the asphalt road, which you will meet again 250m further north. You will have continuous visual contact with the settlement of Loutra, after walking past Agia Irini. Keep walking downhill and you will reach the settlement after 50 minutes. The trail is in good condition and has dry stone walls on both sides past the second intersection with the asphalt road. The second part of the route, which ends at the Castle of Oria, begins at the southern side of Loutra, at the intersection of the road from Chora to Loutra with a dirt road. The last uphill climb after the chapel of Agios Filippos leads to two alternative routes that create a ring before reaching the Castle. The southern one is easier to discern. Non-stop duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes.  

Drypida - Lefkes

Climb up the steps from the square (piazza) of Dryopida headed to the chapel of Agios Vlasis. Cross the asphalt road at a right angle and keep walking until you reach the trail. The cobblestone trail passes by the springs of Mathias, where the chapel of the Virgin Mary is located, and the stone-built washing areas with their washtubs carved in the rock. Turn left at that point. You will come across a junction, a bit further down the trail, where another path leading to the “spitares”, the now derelict buildings of a mining company, starts. Coming back from your detour and heading towards the sea, you will pass by the small church of Agios Ioannis, where there are also springs. The vegetation around the springs is lush. Walk a few more meters and you will see Lefkes in front of you.  Non-stop duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes.   Info It is also worth walking from Agios Mamas to Agios Dimitrios. 
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