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The flat terrain of the island facilitates hiking, but there are many who would rather use a bike. The areas of Kefalos and Dikaios are more ideal for hiking. 
Follow the main road starting from the port of Kamari and after walking past the taverna “Faros” turn left at the point where the road starts getting uphill. The trail is parallel to the ravine valley and passes through a landscape with lush vegetation and impressive geological formations until it disappears after a while upon reaching the fields. From that point on you will have to climb uphill having no specified route. After passing by some stone walls you will find the trail once again that turns into a dirt road leading to Panagia Palatiani.  Leave Panagia Palatiani behind and head for the main road. Just before you reach the asphalt concrete road turn left and follow the dirt road until you pass by two farmhouses and come across a fence with a gate to your right. Behind it you’ll find the ruins of the ancient temples of Demeter and Asclepius as well as an amphitheater dating from the Hellenistic period, all remnants of the ancient capital of the island. Then you will reach the main asphalt concrete road. After following it for about 100 meters, take the dirt road to your right and enjoy the view of a landscape filled with undergrowth. Turn left at the next crossroads and keep walking until you come across a secluded house to your right.

2. Kardamena- Antimachia Castle.

The cemetery of Kardamena located on the northern side of the settlement is the starting point of this trail. Walk along the main road heading towards the northwestern hills while enjoying the view of the imposing castle on the horizon. You’ll see a big white warehouse just a few steps ahead to your left and after walking 200 more meters you’ll come across a wide trail in good condition to your right. Follow it through eroded rocks and olive groves up a hill overlooking Nisyros. In about 20 minutes you will have reached the enceinte of the castle.                 Head down the hill in order to return, starting from the parking lot. Turn right when you come across the dirt road and right again after passing by a small bridge. The trail is parallel to an irrigation ditch ending up at a farm. Leave the farm behind and follow the dirt road to your right that will get you to the main road opposite the big warehouse where the trail started.

3. Pyli – Palaio Pyli – Amaniou

Set off from the Pyli square and climb uphill following the road. After walking 200 meters turn left at the sign pointing towards the “Harmylos Monument” that is located a few steps ahead. After passing by the monument turn right before the next crossroad into an olive grove field and climb uphill. Keep climbing up the hill after crossing the ravine until you come across a path leading to a dirt road. Turn right at that point in order to reach the top of the hill. From there you will see the ruins of a building on the opposite hill, which is where you’ll be heading next and a military canopy down to your left. Walking downhill you will leave the dirt road behind and follow a trail that will take you above the derelict house. Look for a flat field next to it. At its right end you will find a hole in a wall. This is the starting point of a cobblestone trail passing through bushes, oak trees and derelict stone farmhouses. The trail becomes narrower after a left curve near the church of Agios Georgios but the view of the northern coastline of the island as well as of Kalymnos and Pserimos will win you over. Turn left at the top and follow another dirt road. After passing by another farmhouse and a drinking trough you’ll come across the ruins of the byzantine castle. Afterwards you’ll pass through the abandoned settlement of Palaio Pyli that was built at a naturally fortified position to ward off pirate attacks. Pirates never managed to raid the village but a cholera outbreak in 1830 resulted in the evacuation of the whole settlement. Enjoy the view of the northern coastline from the castle before heading back. Walking back turn right 50 meters before the parking lot and follow the path leading to the church of Agios Vasileios. After reaching the church follow the dirt road downhill. Turn left at the first crossroads and you will come across the cobblestone trail that connected the church with the village. A few steps ahead you will reach a dirt road that leads to the Amaniou settlement. After that point, follow the main asphalt concrete road and it won’t be long before you return to Pyli.  

4. At the top of Mount Dikaios

 The trail begins at Zia, more specifically at the right side of the bus parking lot. After leaving the village with its gift shops behind, you will pass by a watermill and a taverna and turn right at the two next crossroads. Then you will come across a sign illustrating the route towards the top of the mountain (using blue markers). A few meters down the road you will turn right and follow a sandy trail with pine trees on either side of it. Pass the church and after walking 50 more meters turn left and follow the path, which is parallel to the church’s fence, uphill towards the mountain. The terrain is mostly sandy. As you climb up the hill you’ll pass by two farmhouses. Walk 200 more meters after passing the second farmhouse and you will come across a red arrow at the beginning of the route through the trees. There is a road to your left leading to a lower mountaintop a few steps ahead. Follow the red markers and the arrows to reach the top of the mountain where you’ll find the chapel of the Transfiguration of Jesus.  

5. Zia – Asclepeion

  Take the main road of Zia, where the gift shops are located, pass by the taverna “Avli” and follow it till you reach the bus parking lot outside the village. Turn right at that point and follow the wide dirt road heading downhill. After walking 150 meters you will enter the forest. Walk through the forest until you see a stone bridge to your left. This is where the trail leading to the abandoned settlement of Asomatos at Asfendi starts. Some of the houses of the settlement have been recently renovated. The steps at the left side of the church of Agios Georgios will lead you to a dirt road. Follow that road and enjoy the view of olive groves and the sea. Choose the uphill road at the next crossroads and about 8 minutes later you will come across a path leading down the hill (marked in red). This path will take you to another abandoned settlement and to the church of Agios Dimitrios. If you climb uphill following the dirt road at the right side of the church, you will get to the main road, next to another church. Follow the main asphalt concrete road until you reach the Asclepeion.   
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