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An interesting choice for the demanding visitor is the trekking trails on the old roads of the island which used to connect the settlements and were paved in their biggest part, as well as the trails which are used as passageways for the crops, the pastures and as an access to the hardly accessible coasts. The trails which served the transportation of marble from the old quarries to the cargo ships through the little ports of Ano Meria are interesting. 10 Routes characterized as Culturally Interesting have been chosen by the Region of South Aegean for these trekking trails.

Alternative routes in Ano Meria

Platy Vouni–Glysouras Coast (2km, 35 minutes). Passing by a rural landscape with characteristic stone walls and vineyards, the route ends to the secluded, beautiful coast of Glysouras, just below the hill of Kastri. Kampos–Marmari Coast (2km, 30 minutes). The old quarry on the coast has been integrated in the landscape. The route that the walker follows is the one that the workers used to take, while transporting marbles for loading on the ships. Syringas–Schizomenes–Cave of Ledino (2km, 45 minutes). Difficult, but very interesting trail to the gorge of Schizomenes which was created after land subsidence. Those who want to take simple and easy walks can choose the alleys of Ano Syra, or the impressive settlement of Posidonia.    
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