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The island of Revelation, an attraction for fans of religious music!

Patmos, the island of Revelation as internationally known, is a unique holiday destination which "marries" mysticism and solemnity with cosmopolitan life, inviting you to a journey of endless and diverse experiences.
The culture, high art and spirituality, find Patmos ideal meeting point. The appropriate place to accommodate the Patmos Sacred Music Festival, the Sacred Space of Revelation, which is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
The Festival has a special place among the cultural life of the country. Fifteen years has hosted numerous artists and many of the finest musical works of religious music tradition, at the open amphitheatrical space. The high-level events have become a reference point and anticipation of the numerous visitors and residents of the island.
The 15th Patmos Sacred Music Festival will take place from August 27 - September 1, 2016 and will include five musical evenings with great works of the great Greek and international religious music and traditional songs of exile and refuge. As part of the Festival, there will be musical performance for children and adults. Involving its three excellent Chorus (two from Greece and one from Armenia), the Orchestra of Patmos Festival with conductor Alkis Baltas, top performers Byzantine music, soloist, ensemble of folk instruments, and renowned musicians, actors, singers.

The festival of religious music elevates the travel experience on Patmos to ... sulfur level!

The events supports the South Aegean Region .

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