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The sacred island of Patmos is also known as the island of the Apocalypse and Jerusalem of the Aegean. A powerful, formidable energy runs through the alleys and gets mixed up with the fragrance of the pine trees and the warm and cold currents that caress you during your tour around the island. A tour where you can continuously gaze at the sea, catch sight of the white houses of the settlements and of the “kathismata” (small monastic units), discern the cruise ships, the islets, the Kastelli and the monastery that stands imposing in its sturdy wall, above Chora that deservedly claims the title of one of the most beautiful choras in the Aegean Sea. The powerful and famous throughout the world monastery of Patmos defined the history of the place and continues to be present in every instant of everyday life.

In the absolute silence of its secret places, in the cave of the Apocalypse, in the carved rocks of Kallikatsou, people come to pray and meditate, searching in their souls for answers to existential questions. Patmos is and shall always be like that: inspiration and revelation.



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