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Weaving in Karpathos

The weaving craft of Olympos showcases many great examples of artistic sensitivity, like household articles such as sheets, small carpets called “hremia”, various textiles and other traditional household articles such as the “giples” and the “stiliomantiles” and items for agricultural and pastoral use such as satchels of various sizes and cloaks. Many women of the village still weave to this day.     

The traditional stivania

The stivania (a type of boots) are part of the traditional outfit of the Olympos village. The bright red color that the stivania of the women have along with their ornate embroidery make them distinct works of art. There are many steps between the initial leather processing and the binding and the embroidery and all of them are done by hand.   First of all, the boot maker makes drawings of all the parts of a foot on paper. The length, the width, the calf. There are footprint drawings for all sizes.
An ancient quarry has been discovered at Lefkos, specifically at the position where Pelekito is located. An invisible city with many stone buildings, where people and animals used to live, is hidden among the rocks of the cave that the locals call “Kamara”.
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