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The art that was particularly developed in the island of Naxos was weavering and many houses still have looms (keravataries). Local women made handmade textiles based on traditional techniques, such as the “decoration” of the house (curtains, bedclothes etc.) or for more practical use (tablecloths, pillowcases etc.). “Krevataria” consists of 153 pieces. Even if only one of these is missing, weavering is impossible!

White marble mines

The marble found mainly in the western side of Naxos has been well-known since the antiquity and competed in quality the famous Parian marble. It was largely used in buildings and the sculptures of the sacred places of Delos and Delphi. The Terrace of the Lions in Delos is made of Naxos marble. Marble mines operate until today.

Emery and mines of Naxos

Emery mines of Naxos have been declared preserved by the Ministry of Culture and are considered the most important monument of the modern industrial history of Greece. For many years, emery has been one of the most important Greek minerals and Naxos was the only emery producing area in Europe. The deposits are found in the northeastern mountainous side of the island, around the villages Apeiranthos and Koronos.
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