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The glorious past of the baths

From the small breakwater with the tied boats you will admire the building of the municipal thermal Baths in the position Therma or Loutra, 1 km away from Mandraki. The buildings have brilliant history and they have been characterised as preservable. The facilities we now see were created in three phases (from 1885-1912) with the funding of wealthy residents of Nisyros and with ‘nepetia’ (compulsory labor of the locals for the common good). Then, they had three wards, 300 beds, a restaurant, bath tubs –i.e. a typical bath town where visitors from the Dodecanese, the coasts of Asia Minor and Egypt used to visit.


The whole island is full of dry stone walls, which were called ‘vastadia’ by the locals. They were made to support the terrain and create lanes of cultivable land. Stony cottages-‘spiladia,’ old distilleries and chapels are built between them. Furthermore, there are ‘kalderimia’ (paved paths) and trails where the foreign visitors who come to Nisyros mainly for this reason can walk.
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