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Chochlakia are called the sea pebbles and by extension the traditional pebble floors we come across in backyards, pathways and gardens of Rhodes. Chochlakia can also be seen in many public buildings, such as churches, etc. The themes used for the shapes include patterns from nature or simple geometric shapes, usually outlined with black and white (or light-colored) pebbles.

The Rhodian costume

In Rhodes, the situation considering the costumes is the same with the one considering sousta. Every village has its own and every household has costumes stored in trunks for both adults and children, who now wear them only on holidays and at feasts. Nevertheless, some older people in mountain villages (very few now), still wear them as their everyday clothing.  


The ceramic art developed during the Middle Ages in Lindos. It is said that the Knights captured a ship full of Persian ceramists and made them settle in Lindos in order to teach their art to the locals. The island’s tradition in ceramics and particularly in the making of decorative plates survives to this day. 
The Apollakia dam was constructed in 1987 for irrigation purposes and the lake that was gradually formed began to turn into a significant wetland and an area for mild activities. On the banks there are picnic tables and small wooden houses for hosting scouts.
Many poets, scholars and artists were born in Rhodes. It is, in fact, one of the seven cities that claim Homer’s origin. The greatest intellectual figure that emerged from this island was the tyrant of Lindos, Cleobulus, who was considered one of the seven sages of antiquity. Ancient Rhodians had a passion for sculpture. If we consider that in 42 AD Cassius alone stole 3,000 statues and smuggled them to Rome, we would assume that on the island there were more statues than people!

Thermes Kallitheas (The Kallithea Baths)

It is one of the top architectural monuments of Rhodes. The complex in Kallithea has been renovated and it has regained its former prestige. It was built in 1929 by the Italian architect Pietro Lombardi, who has also constructed the European Parliament building in Strasburg. Its architecture combines elements of all cultures that have been to Rhodes. The hydrotherapy center (spa) was shut down in 1968 and since then it started crumbling.
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