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Industries and factories

The production of tomato concentrate, along with the wine production, was fundamental to Thera's economy from 1925 until the early 1970s. The production of tomato concentrate used to take place within small family businesses until the establishment of tomato concentrate production factories. These factories are considered an interesting example of the industrial architecture of those times. You may see some of these factories, maintained in a condition of rather good repair, in Monolithos, Vlychada or in ABIS beach close to the airport.   


Thera used to have around 70 windmills where people used to grind barley and other types of wheat. Today there are a couple of mills left in Oia, Skaros and Emporio and they are being preserved even if they were dilapidated many years ago.  
Santorini's "iposkafa" are buildings that are sculptured in the vertical forehead of the layer of aspa. They are domed, carved in the rock without any foundations, with narrow façades and great depth. Their built-in parts are covered by domes or crossings. They are made of stone (red or black) and Theraic earth. All these materials, together with lime, create a rather thick plaster.
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