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‘Karnagia’ (shipyards)

  The relation of the Symiots with shipbuilding is great and lasts for centuries. The legendary Glaukos, who is considered to be the first resident of Symi, was a keen swimmer and a ship builder. During the Turkish rule, the Symiots built the fastest ships and for that reason the Turks had given them special privileges. The last ‘karnagio’ preserved in the island is in Harani. A smaller ‘karnagio’ exists in Pedi. 

Woodcarving-Furniture making

Apart from the shipbuilding, the woodcarving and the furniture making bloomed On the island. The craftsmen produced furniture, iconostases for churches, living rooms, dining rooms, ceilings, mirrors – from different types of wood such as mahogany, walnut, beech, cedar.
In the Byzantine times the residents of Symi dealt with the shipping, the shipbuilding, the trade, the sponges and the viticulture. As the wanderers of the era report, the viticulture evolved and the island mainly produced white wine, which was considered of high quality.
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