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Marble Sculpture

Bell towers, sculpted marble iconostases, icon stands, bishop's thrones, altars, funereal monuments, monuments to heroes, springs, busts, and statues that decorate churches, cemeteries, and squares all over Greece are the work of artists from Tinos. You will see some of their sculptures in the museums of the island and you will learn many things about marblework in the Μuseum of Marble Crafts in Pirgos.

Churches and country chapels

In many islands of the Aegean Sea they will tell you that the churches are as many as the days of the year. However, in Tinos there are twice as many! In the year 1974, 514 Orthodox churches were registered and in the year 1987, 218 catholic churches –732 churches in total! Out of these, approximately 600 are country chapels. They stand out like white spots in the farmland, on the mountains, on the beaches, near streams... They stand out for their plain architectural style and marble bell towers; some of them are true works of art. At most of them, their caretakers organize feast days all year round.      
These are unique monuments of our popular art. In Tinos, dovecotes decorate paths, slopes, and especially streams, since a main requirement for the survival of pigeons is the presence of water close to their nest. The breeding of pigeons is a habit inherited from the Venetians.
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