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Great athletic distinction in Australia with ... Rhodian air!

Luck in Rhodes brought the rider Lukas Katapodis who was the winner of the Gold Cup Cycling Amateur, «UCI Gran Fondo Roads Tour» held for the first time in the "Emerald Isle" in April 2016.


The 46 year old champion was the fastest of the 143 participating athletes in Rhodes cup with time 25 ': 01' '. World Championship Cycling amateurs in Perth, Australia (09/04/2016), Lukas Katapodis won the bronze medal in the 160 km endurance, so it was the biggest success in the history of Greek sport of cycling, as many have described the victory which had ... Rhodian air!


For the first time in Rhodes with the support of the Region of South Aegean the world of amateur cycling cup is bearing the stamp of the UCI, the International Cycling Union. The event had a great success and set the bar high for the next event, which is expected to attract many more athletes. The aim is hosting the Rose of World Championship Cycling amateurs!


The South Aegean Region supports major sporting events during the low tourist season in order to attract visitors and mitigate seasonality. Rhodes as the largest island of the Dodecanese has entered to prove it can host major sporting events.


The International Marathon "Roads to Rhodes Marathon" attracts athletes from the ends of the earth, even from the US, Brazil and Japan. The world cup cycling is closely linked to tourism as the athletes visit the venues of the games with their families. Alongside the competition, the athletes also discover travel destinations.


The third major sporting event to be held in Rhodes with the support of the South Aegean Region is the international triathlon race "Ocean Lava Rhodes". H This event will take place on October 30, 2016.

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