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KRITIKA & MONTE SMITH: Unique Options for a walk overlooking the deep blue!

Are you a hiking lover and just so happens that you are on holiday in Rhodes? Then you should not let the opportunity go to waste and walk the coastal path of Rhodes-Kritika, or take a walk on the hill of Monte Smith (St Stephen's) beside the endless Aegean Sea and next to the archaeological "treasures" that will leave you ecstatic!


The path of the Kritika starts from the southern end of the beach in the Psaropoula area at the entrance of the city of Rhodes and ends at the northern end of the bay of Ialysos (where the Kritika village begins).


The path is gravel with small pebbles in some places and has a length of 1,800 meters and a width of 2.5 meters. The sea is to the west and to the east rises a steep slope. With the starting area of the Cretans is a wide sidewalk with benches where you can relax and enjoy the cool sea breeze. The sunset is also a dreamlike spectacle this side of the island.

From Kritika begin the steps leading to the beach. Although it is not organized and has many rocks it is still suitable for swimming.


For the record note that Kritika is a small village that preserves its traditional architecture, which does not resemble the traditional Rhodian. The village was built built by the Turkish government for Muslim refugees that came in 1896-7 from Crete. Outside the village, near the church of the Virgin Mary, there is the cave of the dragon killed by Knight Dieudonne de Gozon!


The Hill of Monte Smith is located above the town of Rhodes. It was formerly known as St. Stephen Hill and here lies the Acropolis of Rhodes Temple of Zeus Polieus and Athena Polias. The area was named in 1799 by the English Admiral Sydney Smith who had the observatory there during the Napoleonic wars.


The view to the sea and the city is breathtaking and unmatched by any other landscape that will never come in view. The afternoon is probably the best time for someone to climb the hill. The unique sunset touches not only the ... romantics.

Both at Monte Smith and Kritika visitors will encounter many local Rhodians as these areas are the most well-known spots for jogging!

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