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Wine Tourism in Rhodes ...

Rhodes beyond its natural beauty is famous for the excellent wine produced on the island. The reputation of its wines is mostly owed to the wonderful climate of the island with its many sunny days.


As known, Rhodes has the most sunshine in Greece, and while there is excessive heat, the high temperatures are moderated by the sea breezes that blow from May to September. Generally the climate is favorable for vineculture.


The vineyard is spread over two zones with different altitudes, on the slopes of Attaviros. The grapes are grown mainly in Athiri and Mandilaria (Amorgos). Also there is the white Muscat or Muscat of Trani. The wines produced (PDO Rhodes and Local Wines) are white and red, dry and sweet with rich color and structure. It should also be noted that Rhodes was the first area in Greece which brought local sparkling wine!


Lovers of wine tourism certainly will not be disappointed by Rhodes. The municipality of Atavyros has the most vineyards and almost all the wineries. The wine lovers will see old vines even over 70 years. The Rhodes vineyard is not hit by the vine louse!


It takes two days to be visited one comfortably wineries Rhodes. Visitors will have to take the  following two roads of Rhodes wine.


The first is the Atavyros wine road that will bring you directly to the heart of a Rhodian vineyard, where 4 wineries and one distillery of souma are located. The second is the road of the wine of the Butterflies, apart from the Butterfly Valley, which will lead you to two wineries.


Certainly making wine tourism as part of your holiday to Rhodes should not lead to you missing out on the other many remarkable sights. Visitors should absolutely visit Lindos, Kamiros and Valley of the Butterflies. In the medieval walled part of the Old Town of Rhodes (Unesco monument and a member of the OWHC - Organization of World Heritage Cities), the Archaeological Museum and Palace of the Grand Master should definitely be visited as well!

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