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One of the most important art collections is located in Rhodes, waiting to be discovered

Rhodes fascinates with its impressive monuments, reflecting its deep cultural heritage. But it is not only the monuments that bear witness to the cultural background. Those who like painting will find in Rhodes one of the most representative works of the 20th century. Rhodes Gallery now houses one of the most authoritative and collections of Greek painting. Most of the Greek artists such as Moralis, Tsarouhis, Pheasant, Theophilus, Parthenis, Maleas, Kontoglou Lytras Gounaropoulos etc. represented in this collection features works. In fact many of these projects were presented in exhibitions in Greece and abroad.      

The Municipal Gallery of Rhodes is housed in a nice building at Symi square at the entrance of the medieval city. Apart from the main building in the Medieval town there is the New Gallery housed in a modern building on the picturesque "Square Gabriel Haritos' which houses various art events, educational programs and other events artistic and cultural content. In this building has added a new wing that meets the needs of most contemporary artistic events.

It should be noted that the Municipal Gallery of Rhodes hosted and exhibited many works, prints, woodcuts and lithographs dating from the 16th to the 20th century, as well as many other projects, sculptures and documents. Also, in the same building houses the great collection Prints and Maps of Rhodes, in the Dodecanese Archipelago, which includes many maps and engravings of Greece and Asia Minor, with dominant projects listed in the island and the city of Rhodes. This collection is a donation after the famous family philhellenes Noel Rees and especially of their daughter Zoe Woolrych York.

Wondering why you should visit the Gallery of Rhodes? What wins the visitor over is a look at how the artists saw and lived in Greece from their own perspectives, which wants Greece to believe in its own special character, but traversed through time for thousands of years, even today, a global character, and ideas.

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