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Rineia seems to be connected to Mykonos and Delos with invisible chains for centuries. Besides, according to Thucydides, when Polycrates –the tyrant of Samos– was dominating with his fleet in the Aegean, he occupied Rineia and he dedicated it to Apollo of Delos chaining it to Delos… Those who own a private yacht will find beautiful, secluded beaches on this islet. Those who love explorations will take the caique from Mykonos and they will discover on foot the farmhouses, the country churches and the traces of its ancient history. In the past in the fertile valleys of Rineia there were farms and on the slopes of the hills, where vineyards and cereals were cultivated, sheep, goats and cattle used to graze. The visitors will see that image even today, along with the threshing with horses, and they will think they go back in time.


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