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First glance

The first view offered to the visitor of Serifos is the infertile slopes with the “petrified figures” which bring to mind the myth of Perseus. Then, the ship turns to the port and the visitor views Livadi and Chora dominating with its cube-shaped, white-washed houses hooked on the conical rock, looking just like frozen white lava.

Serifos has always been concealing treasures. Today, it generously gives its special energy to its faithful “lovers”, the people who got to know it, loved it, built houses here and made it their holiday destination every summer; people who love it for its authenticity and eroticism; for the wonderful beaches with the little taverns on the sand and the tamarix trees; for the unique atmosphere of Megalo Livadi with the wagons and the old loading ladders standing over the deep blue waters revealing years of mining activity and man’s work; for its wild beauty, the paths and of course the castle and Chora. When you stand there, on the edge of the cliff, you feel as if you are about to take off following the thermal waves just like the gulls.


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