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Taking a walk around the Kastro, the basic settlement and the port of the island can be very interesting. Inside it lie one of the most beautiful neighborhoods and some of the most beautiful churches of the island like the cathedral of Agios Nikolaos (1738) and the churches of Agios Ioannis, Agios Antonios and Jesus. The Kastro of Antiparos is a typical example of the fortified settlements created in the Cyclades during the Latin rule (13th – 16th century). Its foundation dates back to the mid- 15th century when the Venetian Giovanni Lorentano got married to Maria Sommaripa of Antiparos who ruled the island.

Initially, it had a central tower and a residential zone around it. The residences were built on three levels and later the settlement expanded outside the south wing in the form of a rectangle ring called Xopyrga as well as inside the primal yard, around the base of the Tower.


Small settlements develop in Agios Georgios and in Soros of Antiparos. 

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