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After a route in a mountainous and dry landscape, the green area Vathis is located, an oasis in the background of the valley. The houses are sparse in the field and they are more densely populated towards the narrow inlet of the enclosed bay, a wonderful natural Fjord. The valley, extending to the area Stimenia, had been inhabited since the Neolithic Age.
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It is the old capital of the island, built in the middle of a valley at a safe distance due to the fear of pirates. In fact, it constitutes a continuation of Pothia and it is situated very close to the ancient Damos and the foothills of the castle. Chorio is the heart of Kalymnos, where traditions remain vivid. It is located just 3 kilometers away to the north-west of Pothia.
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It is a quiet coastal village whose residents are involved with agriculture, rearing of animals and fishery. It was a commercial centre during ancient times, as the port is protected by the islands Kalavros and Telendos. It is situated 24 kilometers away from Pothia.      
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It is a settlement known as a resort in a green area with beautiful beaches, the area Kantouni and the area Linaria. Panormos, which up until 1951 was called Mprosta, is situated in the area of the ancient Middle Municipality Damos, as it is called to date. The area “Tsoukalario” is really close and it seems that there were pottery workshops in this area. The ancient municipality of Panormos is located in the current port and 5km away to the north-west of Pothia.  
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The numerous existing myrtles in the greater area seem to have given their name to the beautiful coastal settlement, behind which there are impressive rocks. The settlement is situated right across Telendos, which is distinguished by a narrow channel (approximately 700 m). The area Mirties is connected to Telendos by means of boat people. Telendos was cut from Kalymnos due to the big earthquake in 535 AD. Moreover, there are excursions that are being organized to the near beaches, the cave Kefalas, as well as to the islands around Kalymnos. The picturesque coastal settlement Melitsahas is also near. The area Mirties is situated 8 kilometers away to the north-west of Pothia.
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It is a resort in the western part of the island, situated after the area Mirties. Telendos is situated right across. The surrounding area is quite picturesque. Behind the settlement, there are imposing rocks. Massouri is located 9km away from Pothia.
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