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Agia Marina

This is the stately village of Kasos built on a mound and extending to a large region. It has a lot of mansions and houses that belonged to captains, like the Chatzi Mavri mansion, next to the church of Agia Marina. The northern part, towards the sea, is called Akri, the southern is called Kasteli. To the west, at Dikefalos you will see windmills. Agia Marina is 1km west from Fri.    
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The village is built on the edge of a small, fertile valley and has many mansions, some of which are restored and some are abandoned. Among the houses you will come across picturesque, caved chapels. Arvanitochori is 2.5km south from Fri.  
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It is not exactly a different settlement, rather than the island’s old harbor, five hundred meters east from Fri. Today it constitutes an intermediate station for the fishing boats arriving to the island as well as a resort with very few inhabitants.  
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This was the ancient capital of the island with Emporios as the sea port. It is built on a hill which is 220m high. From Poli you can enjoy the view to Fri, to Agia Marina and Panagia. In 1912, the settlement was destroyed by an earthquake and was rebuilt. Poli is 2km northeast from Fri and its inhabitants are mainly cattle-breeders and farmers.  
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This is mainly a resort settlement, above Emporios, which is approximately 1km northeast from Fri. The inhabitants here are also very few and the balconies of the houses are decorated with the characteristic Dodecanesian fine cement railings. The settlement has some remarkable churches.    
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