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It is the southernmost settlement of Leros and its houses are scattered in a small, fertile valley, where there are olive trees, almond trees and cypresses. On the top of the adjacent low hill, there is the oldest fortification of the island, i.e. the ruins of Paleokastro. At a short distance from this settlement, you can admire the picturesque chapel of Panagia Kavouradena. The cove of Xirokambos is used by both professional and amateur fishermen as well as by scuba divers. Moreover, at the end of August, the Wine Festival is organized in this area. 
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This area is developed in the middle of the homonymous cove and it constitutes the most touristic area of the island. The majority of the island’s hotel properties, catering rooms, leisure facilities, commercial outlets and businesses that offer numerous choices regarding water sports are located in an overgrown landscape, which is full of olive and pine trees along with their long beach. You should visit the Folklore and the Historical Museum that is located in the Beleni tower and you should also search for the Municipal guesthouse, which was the first hotel of the island built in 1923. The holy early Christian church dedicated to Panagia Galatiani, having mosaics of a rare style, was found in its precinct.   Info At a short distance, you can find the beach of Krifos, which is a small idyllic beach hidden among rocks.   
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In this small town that hardly reminds us of other Greek islands, there are imposing buildings that are lined up along the coast, an excellent street planning, several hedgerows and remarkable public parks. In the centre of Lakki, you can find the circular Agora (meaning market) with the clock, the building of the current hotel “Leros” (former Roma) with its theatre’s wing, the primary school with the circular precinct, the quite elegant old Italian customs office, the current Orthodox church of Agios Nikolaos (former Roman Catholic church of Saint Francis) and the city hall with its club.
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