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This village stands out for its unique architecture and you will admire it by wandering in the neighbourhoods of Panagia, Sotiras, Pyrgos, Moustafa, Ai Nikolas, Kafkas. You will see white-washed alleys, the old school, the church of the Nativity of Virgin Mary painted in white and light blue, marvelous old doors and the medieval castle of Pantoniki where the view is spectacular. At the peak of the settlement the church of Taxiarches is built ( 11th or 13th century) with wonderful wall paintings and icons. Emporios flourished in the early 20th century and it had many residents and shops –blacksmith,grocery,tailor stores, cafés- and skilled stone craftsmen. The earthquake in 1933 caused damages and its residents started abandoning the settlement. From Emporios you can admire the volcanic crater and in its entry (on the right of the parking) there is a natural sauna!   Info Inside a cave, near the village, Panagia Listiriotissa is located, one of the oldest churches of the island. 


Porta, the central square of Nikia above which there is the impressive church of the Presentation of Virgin Mary, one of the most beautiful churhes in Greece. It has an oval shape and a stunning mosaic designed by Paschalis Paschalakis, a known craftsman of Nisyros.


A picturesque fishing settlement, the post-town of Emporios, where the Hippocratic Baths, Panagia Thermiane and the beaches Pachia Ammos and Lyes are located. It got its name from the latin palus, meaning the stakes, where the boats were tied.  
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