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Grikos is a small settlement that used to have only a few houses but evolved after the 50s. After 1960 the Greek Tourism Organization bought large areas at Grikos and built a Xenia hotel that operated in 1970, giving life to the whole area. Grikos has touristic facilities, a small port for boats and sailboats, as well as a tavern. The road leads to a peninsula called “tou Nisyriou”, with a small square on the back side. The settlement of Petra is located next to Grikos, built in a beautiful gulf that leads to the Petra of Kallikatsou. There you can find hotels, apartments to let and taverns in the sandy beach.    


It is also called Epano Kampos (Upper Kampos) and it is the third in size village of the island. In the old times the residents of Chora used to build here their summertime residencies and have serfs to take care of the grains and vineyards in their land properties.


Skala is the most full of life and touristically developed settlement in Patmos. It gathers the majority of shops, cafés, bars, restaurants and lodging houses. Its permanent population amounts to approximately 1,400 inhabitants, most of whom work in the tourism industry and only a few work as fishermen. The settlement began to establish itself there in 1600, at a time when the island experienced great economic prosperity. The first buildings were warehouses and maintenance facilities for local and incoming ships. Later, the settlement evolved into a commercial and maritime trading centre.
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