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Pano Koufonissi

It stretches over 5.7km2 and its highest point, the hill of Profitis Elias, does not exceed 100min length. However, due to the fact that more than 350 permanent inhabitants live in this island, it is considered as the most densely-populated island of Cyclades!

It is located 3nm south-west from the island of Naxos and it is separated from Kato Koufonissi through a shallow strait that is 200m wide. The only organised settlement in the southern side of the island is Chora. It is not a typical Cycladic capital, though, since its late building construction followed the needs of the increased tourist activity.

The road network at Pano Koufonissi connects Chora with the northern part of the island, but the distance is so short that driving a car is not even necessary. All distances are short and you can easily walk or rent two-wheeled vehicles in order to travel from one place to another. You can reach the beaches of Pano and Kato Koufonissi either by travelling on a vessel or boat which embarks every one hour throughout the summer period. The beach of Pori is ideal for windsurfers.



There is an ATM (connected to the DIAS interbanking system) at the Hellenic Post office in Chora.


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