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First glance

First and last image: Ochre and white. Kamares rest on the foot of Agios Symeon and it is reflected on the waters of Agia Marina. The next image will be given by the route towards Apollonia and the villages around it that are tied with dozens of stone walls, which are called “louria” (straps) by the locals. Mild turns next to the gorge and a landscape moderately rugged. The sense of moderation is the gift of the gods to Sifnos, along with the gold and the silver of the antiquity which made it the wealthiest of all the states in the 6th century BC.

What is fascinating in low profile Sifnos without exaltations? It is the Cycladic architecture which you admire in Artemonas, Petali, Apollonia, Ai Loukas, Exambela, Katavati. It is Medieval Kastro, the “city” of the ancient Greek, with Eptamartyros and Seralia. It is the advantage to watch the sunrise at the big pilgrimage of Chrysopigi and gaze at the see from Vrysiotissa. It is the unique network of its trails which pass by country churches, towers-“fryktories”, threshing floors, dovecotes, wells. It is the oppositions: Vathy with the yachts moored off shore and one of the most luxurius hotels in Greece, and humble Herronisos, so picturesque within its simplicity. It is the acropolis in Agios Andreas, the culinary art of Tselementes and the Sifnian tastes that do not seem to fade away from the palate. It is “tsoukalades” who still lit furnaces in the summer heat. Moderation; this is the treasure of Sifnos. It is counted neither in gold, nor in silver. The people who love Sifnos and visit it every year will reassure you about that!


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