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General Information

Anafi is located on the SE edge of the island complex of Cyclades and it is 11 n.m. from Piraeus.

It extends over 38.5 sq. km, with a maximum height of 579 m (Vigla) and a coastline length of 36.7 km. 

Its shape is elliptical/conical with some exaltation to the East caused by the solid rock of Kalamos. The latest, reaching the height of 461 m, is the second monolith in the Mediterranean after Gibraltar.

The terrain of the island is infertile and it consists of volcanic rocks, shale and limestone. The layers of pumice gathered on the western slopes come from the two big outbursts of the volcano of Santorini in 1650 BC and in 1400 BC.

The island has many springs around which there are small areas of fertile land. The climate though is dry and warm. 

Anafi maintains the characteristics of a traditional insular community.


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