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Makronisos, a place of memories

The dock of the port is the first spot on the island that is worth a stochastic observation. From this point on the life of all those people who were sent here, chased for their political beliefs, was in the hands of their guards.  

A little further the statue of the “Captive of Makronisos” is located. The figure raises a rock on one hand and holds tight the other fist, as the wire is wrapped on its leg. Then you reach the open camp of E.T.O. (Special Battalion for Soldiers), scattered concrete watchtowers / outposts at spots with good visibility, the bread furnaces where the exiles made bread, the reference room of Α΄ΕΤΟ with the black and white pebble floor, the multi-aisle open church of Agios Georgios and the theatre of the 1st Battalion, where in February 1948 more than 300 people were executed.  


The novel “Loimos” written in 1972 by Andreas Fragkias and the film version of  Pantelis Voulgaris 4 years later with the award-winning movie “Happy Day” depict in a realistic way the atmosphere of Makronisos at the time of being a place of exile. In August 2003 Mikis Theodorakis held a number of music concerts – he himself was also exiled to Makronisos.  

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