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Farmhouses-country churches

There are still some scattered farmhouses and five country churches. Most of the farmhouses are located near the country church of Agia Triada, in front of an amazing sandy beach. Some relics of the Hellenistic town and the sanctuary of Hercules are preserved here. A beautiful path framed by stone walls starts from the port of Kassaris and leads to the settlement of Agia Triada.


Rineia extends over 14km2 and has a coastline length of 43km. It has many bays, coves and isolated sandy beaches which can be enjoyed by those who own a private yacht. -A strip of just 1km width separates Rineia from Delos. Between them there are two small rocky islets: Mikros Rematiaris, in the north, and Megalos Rematiaris southerner, on which the relics of a Hellenistic sanctuary and a three-aisled early-Christian basilica are preserved. -The elders still call it “Megali Delos” (Big Delos), while along with Delos they call them “Deles” (plural for Delos). -Northeast of the island there is the rocky islet of Kounelonisi with the country church of Agios Georgios. -Rineia has fertile terrain and the Mykonians always had cultivations and animals there. Even today they cultivate the so-called “partides” which they hire from the Municipality of Mykonos. -Along with Tragonisi and the rocky islet of Htapodia, they have been integrated as Special Protection Area, under the European network of protected areas Natura 2000.
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