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General Information

- Schinoussa is located in the middle of the East Small Cyclades complex, S of Naxos and NE of Irakleia.

- It covers an extent of just 8.1km2 with an estimated coastline length of 25.4km.

- Its terrain does not show big slopes and its highest point is Mylos with an altitude of 133m. Its contour however is quite irregular, resulting in the formation of quite a few bays with sandy as well as rocky beaches.

- The climate is mild, with a low thermometric range. It is characterized by mild winters and extended dry summers.

- The population of the island is allocated in three settlements, Chora (or Panagia), Messaria and Mersini where the port is located.

- The archaeological mattock has brought to light findings which show that Schinoussa participated actively in the formation of the Early-Cycladic civilization which had neighboring Keros as its epicentre. However, during the Turkish occupation it had been deserted due to pirate invasions. It started being re-colonized since the middle 19th century mainly by Amorgian fishermen and cattle breeders.

- The entire island is integrated in the European network of the nature’s protection NATURA 2000.

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