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Kea or Gia is the northernmost island in the Western Cyclades island group.

The island has a perimeter of about 85km and covers an area of 131km2.

It is really close to Attica, as its port is only 40 miles away from Piraeus and 16 miles from Laurium.

Its terrain consists of green slate and some marble.

It is a semi-mountainous island, with Profitis Elias (568m) being its highest mountain peak.

Its coasts form many small coves and headlands, with the exception of Agios Nikolaos bay located in the northwest coast of Kea, which is rather deep and naturally protected.

The island has some fertile valleys and plateaus used by the island’s residents for agriculture and husbandry. The exploitation of the ancient self-sown oak forest has been a mainstay of the rural economy. Aegean oak forests still exist in Kea and are some of the few in the whole Aegean.

In the subsoil of Kea there are deposits of iron, lead and “miltos” (hematite), a mineral known since the ancient times and intended for shipbuilding and pharmacy.




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