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Panormitis at Symi: A major pilgrimage of the Dodecanese!

The Monastery of Panormitis at Symi is one of the most important pilgrimages not only of the Dodecanese but all over Greece. The monastery is located on the southwest side of the island, in a sheltered cove, (Panormos), from where it took its name.


The miraculous Panormitis Symi Taxiarchis Michael is considered to be guide, guardian and protector of Symian people. Residents of Symi In reverence to the fullest. Children born after a miracle, actually take the name, like Michael or Taksiarxis.

Faithful crowd from Symi, Rhodes, the Dodecanese and every other part of Greece and abroad still flock each year to the day of the Monastery of the Archangel feast on the 8th of November.

In Panormitis happens a paradox: bottles, cans and packages with offerings and tributes arriving by sea from the ends of the earth (including Australia)! Each bottle and each container will always find its destination, reaches only the believer who does with real reverence his vow!
The miracles recorded and confirmed all these years in Panormitis are countless. Each time, however, each new bottle arrives at the Abbey is another miracle!
Anyone who is unable to travel to the Monastery can from where to get a small bottle, place incense, a paper with the names, address or phone. It can also include a letter to the Monastery, on any matter of concern and would like to become a matter of prayer to the Holy Monastery. Once inserted into all these Tributes for the Commander and close the bottle, can, from a port or a ship, lying off to toss the bottle into the sea, after having prayed to the Archangel Michael Panormitis and ask him to lead he Monastery of Symi.
With the grace of Taksiarxis, the bottles of the offerings will reach their final destination intact. As confirmation of the miracle, the faithful will get an answer from the people of the Monastery and thank you letter.
Until now notes which traveled from around the world decades ago or more recently to Panormitis are kept in the Monastery.

Each pilgrim, visiting the Monastery of Panormitis can admire the ornate frescoes, but also to feel awe and thrill watching most treasured miraculous oversized image of the Archangel Michael Panormitis, dating to the first half of the 18th century. In Catholic monastery Panormitis, pilgrims can admire outside the Archangel Pictures amazing wooden temple, which dates back to 1788.
There is also the Ecclesiastical Museum of the Monastery founded in 1987. There it hosted the bottles with the offerings of the faithful . The monastery also has a Folklore Museum with numerous exhibits. Excellent is the library of the monastery . Numerous books and rare diverse content publications are collected from their respective abbots.







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