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Symi: The island of celebrities and stars of Hollywood!

Greeks with a unique point of view, businessmen from all over Europe and its coast, famous stars of Hollywood and well-known politics, all appreciate the beauty in every aspect of Symi. Traditional and cosmopolitan together, Symi attracts an international jet set.


The popular Hollywood actress Sarah Jessica Parker with her husband Mathew Broderick were found on Symi, where they spent a short vacation. The Oscar winning  actor Jeremy Irons who loves Greece and frequently visits, has chosen in the past Symi for his holidays. Recently spotted on the island, was the famous singer Mariah Carrey whose yachts made a summer "tour" in the Cyclades and the Dodecanese.


The cast of the film "Swing Away" was filmed in Rhodes and between the Shannon Elizabeth, known from the movie "American Pie", the John O'Hurley who starred in series including Santa Barbara and the Greek actress and producer Manos Gavras also visited Symi for the shooting.


Aside from Hollywood stars that choose Symi, several Turkish actors, among them Turkan Sora who is considered to be one of the four priestesses of old cinema in Turkey and Kenan Imirzalioglu which became widely known in Greece from the television series the "sanctified Love "" Ezel "and" Karantai '. Also the singer Sezen Aksu considered the "Marinella Turkey '' mad 'with Simi.


In addition the international jet setters, also Greek VIPs choose Symi. Politicians, actors, singers, businessmen make getaways to Symi. Many of them have even bought houses on the island enchanted by its imposing mansions!


When on Symi you will see many yachts moored. Who knows maybe one of them will carry your favorite star...! Will you lose the opportunity to have a holiday in a magical island with the VIP and get some of their glow?

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