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First glance

Glamorous, crowded, beautiful, is very impressive from the first moment with its two states, Ermoupoli and Ano Syros, built amphitheatrically on their hills. Vaporia with the imposing mansions which gaze at the sea, Agios Nikolaos, the renonwed Apollon theatre and the Town Hall with its square, San Tzortzis of Ano Syros, Fragosyriani of Markos Vamvakaris, the famous Syrian “loukoumia”, the countryside of the island, Della Grazia (Posidonia) –there are so many things that come to your mind as you wait for the ship to moor at the port.

Syros exudes urban aura. It is located at the centre of the Cyclades and it is their financial, administrative, and cultural centre. Ermoupoli has long seized being just a wonderful vacation place. It is a lively state where people of every age live and work. It is a famous place of relocation as well. The wealth, the courtesy of origin, the influences of Neoclassicism and Romanticism are reflected on the grandiose mansions and the public buildings of Ermoupoli, the busting port with the exquisite town planning and the marble-paved roads. The medieval past, interwoven with the Cycladic architecture and the daily routine of the island’s Catholic population was imprinted on the rock of Ano Syros; there was where it all started in the 13th century. In the serene coastal settlements, with the tranquil sea, the cafés and the restaurants by the sea, dozens of families, couples and groups of friends enjoy their holidays every summer. In the morning and at night they gather at the port and the alleys of Ermoupoli to go shopping, drink coffee, eat, and have fun.

Syros seems to have it all without exaggerations, with moderation, aesthetics and elegance. And this is what makes the people that inhabit it or have decided to make it their second homeland proud.



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