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A sea channel like this is the best inspiration for fables through the centuries. The legend speaks about the beautiful “Potha”, daughter of the king of “Telendos”, who fell in love with the prince of Kasteli right accross. Kalymnian divers talk about an entire sunken city that remains undiscovered. Telendos resembles a rock in the sea that has just been cut off from Kalymnos.  It is a small island closely bound to Kalymnos since it is only 750m away from its coasts; a place for recreation and vacations, a part of land inhabited by very few people.

Everyone visiting Kalymnos will certainly reach Telendos, while quite a lot of people swim every day in this narrow passage, defying the strong currents. Across the most beautiful and well- exploited tourist beaches of Kalymnos (Myrties, Masouri) this small island looks like a tiny oasis of serenity. There you can enjoy the lack of a road network and means of transport while hundreds of visitors flock there every day.



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