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Customs and Festivals

As in the other islands of the Cyclades, the festivals bring people together and express the religious sentiment. In the traditional festivals of Sifnos they offer “revithada” (chickpea soup) and braised meat with pasta, cooked in large cauldrons. During Lent they offer fried cod with garlic sauce and salad.


From early August to September 15, two significant exhibitions are organised by the Municipality of Sifnos with works of art from the collections of the National Art Gallery –Alexandros Soutzos Museum and the archives of the Benaki Museum. The first one includes paintings and sculpture which were created by famous Greek painters and sculptors, and the second one includes exhibits from the photographic archive, from the collection of engravings or from extended sections of the museum presenting aesthetic, foklore and historical interest. * You will find detailed information about the cultural events on the island at the site of the Municiplaity of Sifnos    
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