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   I forgot my password!
How do I register?

Registration on the portal offers all users a series of services and tools for better and faster update on new or anticipated actions and events. By registering, the user gains accesses to the services of the Portal. Registration is free and one only needs an email account to register (eg that you use to sign in facebook!):

  • Enter a username. CAUTION: Note that if the username already exists, the system will prompt you to enter a new username.
  • After filling your profile information you can create your personal account by clicking the corresponding button "Create Account"

How do I complete my personal profile and why?

In order to create a personal profile one needs to register to the system. On successful registration one can

  • Specify whether to receive Newsletter
  • Specify which activities he enjoys, and his interests
  • Use all available services of the portal

How do I download the mobile application ?

In order to download the mobile application follow the link Mobile Application

Before travel

The service allows users to gain information on general and special topics regarding the island of their choice. Select from the Cyclades and Dodecanese Island lists the island of your choice and click the sign to the right. The page will show the relative contents. With this service you can gather all the basic information on the islands you care to visit.

Trip Planning

The service "Trip Planning" allows users to gain information on the activities that take place on the islands of their choice during a selected time period. Select island from the Cyclades & Dodecanese lists, select dates and click the sign to the right to continue. Select events from the list, and press the symbol (i) to the right to see if there are any relative scheduled events. You can either save your plan or send it to your registered email

Island Hopping

«Island Hopping» shows ferry services between islands. The user can plan a trip in the logic of "Island hopping" (ie many islands with a short stay in each of them), by selecting one by one the transport, with departure dates to desirable destinations – islands. The service will show multiple alternatives solutions for the journey.

  • Choose from the list of islands departure port
  • Specify the expected date of departure
  • Select, from the list of destinations, the island of choice, and press the submit icon to the right to see if there are scheduled ferry services.