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Service "My Aegean"

These services allow you to upload your photos, link videos, bookmark all the contents and events that interest you, as well as the maps you need for your trip. You can also create your calendar memories.

My Events

A registered user selects, from the "Events Calendar" displayed on the webpage of each island, the current event with the link (+) on the left. The event then is ranked in the category list of "My Events". In "My Events" you can see all the events that interest you.

Memories Calendar

The service allows you to create and post ‘Calendar Memories’ only to registered users. The service allows the creation of memories with text and photos uploaded by the user.

Pictures - Video

Choose to save video links or upload the images you want from your computer (your pictures are available online and you can use them to create memories).

My Maps

Use option "Add to My Maps" in the content page to add map to “My Maps”. In “My Maps” you can see all the maps that interest you.


Use the “Add to Favorites” link from the content pages of the islands and the article will be automatically added to "My Favorites". There you can see all the content that interests you.